Piano/Song Log. Low-fi indi pop bop wam bam baloo.



Been looking at you all day

Nothing to say

And thats okay

Its just another day

Too long

I’ve been on this rock for too long

and thats okay

cause, hey

What’s another day?

It’s not enough

It’s never enough.

What I do

Never Enough

For me or for you

It’s just another day

When it Reigns

I do not smile when it shines,
but when it rains.
The cold embrace cures wounds
and stems the pain.
For when it’s dry they say to cry
is but a sin.
Yet rain feels me and heals me from within.
Five hawks, 
carried by on broken breeze…
fly high in search of that of which to seize.
And in their flight 
I see what’s to be seen.
Five hawks, 
carried by on broken breeze.
Still it rains…
Still it reigns.



I love her
and love her ineffably.
Which is partly what makes this so hard.
When life had cast me to be lonely
her soft voice had sewn past my guard;
Piercing my skin
and everything in
Pulling us close more and more.
She silenced my din
and soothed what was in
my heart and its
crimson shores.

a rose by any other name…
would not be the one that I love.
I love her
and love her ineffably
More than the stars
or their worlds



I hate this hour of the night.
The point where I desire sleep
and these bones beg for rest,
Yet I fear tomorrow shall only 
cascades of repetition.
Repetition I fear,
as it succinctly charts my path,
ever reminding me that a life is
where you have been.
And I have been stuck.
Idling between daydreams, 
regrets and memories, 
I find myself 
falling incessantly
as no footholds 
delve down.
I must re-learn how to climb,
or at least cease the fall,
I find myself
falling incessantly
as no footholds
delve down.